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Helicopters and autogyros

June 29th, 2009 5 comments

An autogyro is characterised by a free-spinning rotor that turns due to passage of air upwards through the rotor. The vertical component of the total aerodynamic reaction of the rotor gives lift for the vehicle, and sustains the autogyro in the air.

Whereas a helicopter works by forcing the rotor blades through the air, pushing air downwards, the autogyro rotor blade generates lift in the same way as a glider’s wing by changing the angle of the air as it moves upwards and backwards relative to the rotor blade. The free-spinning blades turn by autorotation; the rotor blades are angled so that they not only give lift, but the angle of the blades causes the lift to accelerate the blades’ rotation rate, until the rotor turns at a stable speed with the drag and thrust forces in balance.

From wikipedia

Helicopter Kite Wind Powered Gyrocopter Airplane Glider Autogyro Stunt RC Model Rotor Wing Rotorcraft Plane Glider

AZ 1/48 Kayaba KA-GO (O-GO) Ka2 Japanese Imperial Observation Autogyro Aircraft Kit

The Cierva Autogyro Depicted in Flight Art Giclee Poster Print by Edward Shenton, 18×24

Betcha didn’t know helicopters were invented by a Spaniard, eh?

Military Helicopter (Over Desert) Art Poster Print – 11″ X 17″

Helicopter Sprinkler

MiniCopter: Adventure Flight

Search And Rescue 3

Syma Schweizer 300 Radio Remote Control Helicopter

Principles of Helicopter Flight

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0005-0006 Duck, Duck, Goose!!

June 29th, 2009 69 comments


Busy drawing next two pages for tomorrow, narghgghghg

ghdhoehgdfn  fksjv ifdngerg a fsk IAERGIN  Lliazirngieo!!

Oh, yeah, why no COLOR?!!?!?!?

Takes too long, I don’t want to spend three weeks on one scene… kills me!

Incentive vote click thingy, see the rough sketch of NEXT comic:


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Working with Hyung

June 26th, 2009 6 comments


Me on the right.  -N

Also *cough* Michael Jackson at Amazon

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0004B Hazzuh!

June 23rd, 2009 10 comments

Stuff, stuff, stuff.

I’m not 100% on the the gun thing.

Might change my mind.


New voting incentive! Early concept illustration.

BrickArms Exclusive 2 to 4 Inch Scale Figure Style Steampunk Weapons Pack (5 Pieces)

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0004A Dagnabbit Nell!

June 22nd, 2009 9 comments


>insert interesting stuff here<

Timelapse video

You can still see the preview of the next page here briefly, once you vote.

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0003 And pray tell what have you?

June 19th, 2009 4 comments


Youtube Timelapse Video

I wonder what Amazon item Nestor will link… remote control?

House stilts?

Historic Print (L): Goldes man in front of thatched-roof store-house built on stilts
(Best I could do –N)


I accidentally deleted yesterday’s (Picture) post.

Here it is:



Nestor here, linked the image to the topwebcomics voting button, you’ll get the fullsize image once you vote, mwahaha.

direct link to the image now

We were discussing popular webcomics and I mentioned Lackadaisy Cats to Hyung and jokingly suggested he turn the comic into an anthro thing because cats are popular on the interwebs. So he came up with this.

It’s actually not bad, it kinda reminds me of Sherlock Hound, an old anime by Miyazaki that was pretty good (And also kinda steampunk in many ways) so maybe the idea has potential??

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0002 Outrageous slander!

June 12th, 2009 14 comments


Thought that perhaps I could go faster if I dropped color and stuck to black and white.
But, really the way I tone… it’s about the same…
Save a few hours per strip, but not much.

Maybe the way manga’s usually done with one or two shade, but that’s really cheap and my drawings, rather the line quality I care to use, can’t seem to support it.
Anyway, color’s more pretty.
So it’s fast as I can go, with the final goal of daily pages when I can get my groove going…

Time lapse vid’s coming up, for now take a look at his trailer for a very serious movie that shared the cinema halls with Godfather, Au Pair Girls (1972).

And here be the making of Vid…

The Dreyfus Affair: “J`Accuse” and Other Writings

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0001 The quandary, solved!

June 8th, 2009 13 comments

Nestor tells me I have to write stuff here.

The original plan was to draw two comics a day and get a buffer going… somewhere along color came about and here we are.

the thing I found out is… art is a lot like bicycling, once you learn it, and not use it for years, the shit leaves you, like that!

I was drawing this… and I was like, “the fuck, I done forget ev’ry darn thing!”
So sad…

Making of video. It’s time lapsed, but you can tell I had no idea what the hell I was doing, if you look carefully. (Couple of the section gets fliped out of order… oh well.)

Wait… wait… here’s version 2, it’s shorter, got a proper intro, plus it’s in the right order.

timelapse video of the making of webcomic Stinkpump, page one, version 3 NOW in HD, on Youtube. Full 1000×700 res (shorter too)

And so i have only one thing to say:

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Not really the cover, But close enough

June 1st, 2009 15 comments

Stuff and stuff here.
Welcome etc.

Youtube of the timelapse “making of” of this picture.

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