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Autogyro 3d model

July 6th, 2009 4 comments

Sure I know you were planning on updating more times, but expectations and reality rarely match. Not that it matters much at this point in the game.
Anyway I’ve been tinkering around in 3d to make some props for Hyung to use, stuff like the autogyro which will probably come up a lot, can be modeled once and then pasted in between the drawn artwork, for speed.


Of course art boy’s mumbling about it not fitting  his precious “style” so he probably won’t end up using it. It’s kinda bare and cartoony like this but with a few drawn textures on top it could probably blend in nicely.

Image Based Modeling: Essentials: 3D Modeling from Photographs with Greg Downing

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More Filller!

July 6th, 2009 3 comments


Nestor emailed to “let me know” that I could’ve broken up the last update to stretch out the week.

Little did he know I meant to update and just failed to.


And so it goes.

I’m listening to “The Second World War” by Sir Winston Churchill at the moment… is very neat.  Inbetween tugging it to Japanese MILF porn.

It’s been a weird week.


So I was sketching some bits…

Mostly to see how I can speed it up w/color.

Click the pic to see the whole image, YES ITS A VOTING TIHNG GET USE TO IT:


Winston Churchill mouse pad

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