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Wednesday New Releases: Criminal, Blackest Night, Chew

November 27th, 2009 Comments off

New Reviews of This Week’s Releases!

Hello everyone! We’ve got a special Blackest Friday edition of Wednesday New Releases! We’ve got Blackest Night #5 and Justice League of America #39, which both come with special Blackest Night Lantern rings (green and red!), as well as Criminal Sinners #2, Chew TPB Vol. 1, and Amazing Spider-Man #613. Watch and see!

Criminal Sinners #2



Questions? Comments? Post them below!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th, 2009 Comments off

Hopefully by now you’re filled with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. We at just wanted to wish you an excellent, geeky Thanksgiving and a wonderful year.

We’re certainly thankful for your business!


The Crew

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Dan Shotz & Cody DeMatteis Talk About Jericho Season 3!

November 25th, 2009 Comments off

There’s has been such a huge groundswell of interest in Jericho Season 3: Civil War, the upcoming comics series from Devil’s Due Publishing, that when got a chance to interview part of the creative team, we jumped at the chance! As you may already know, Jericho Season 3: Civil War is the official continuation of the much-loved Jericho CBS television show starring Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, and Ashley Scott.

From the very beginning, Jericho has had dedicated, active fans–so much so that they convinced CBS to bring the canceled show back for a second season! Now Jericho’s beloved Rangers are back for a third season in comic book form. Read on to learn more! We are here with show writer/producer Dan Shotz and series editor Cody DeMatteis–thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, guys!

Dan Shotz: Our pleasure . . . we are so thrilled that Jericho Season 3: Civil War is finally here. We love seeing the Jericho story continue in comic book form, and we have a feeling the fans will be very pleased with what we’ve put out. The whole Jericho team from the show is involved in the creation of this comic book series and we are having a blast working with Devil’s Due Publishing to give the fans something truly special. Jericho was much loved by fans–so much so that they were able to bring it back to CBS for a second season after cancellation. What made you decide to bring it back as a comic?

DS: This has always been about the fans. They are so passionate and have inspired us to keep the story going. They made history when they brought the show back for a second season and we, the writers and producers of the series, wanted to continue the story for them in different ways. This story is very close to our hearts and we feel like we have so much more to tell. Where does Jericho Season 3 pick up, storywise? Of course, this series has “Civil War” right in the title. Can you tell us about that?

DS: We left Season 2 with a Civil War looming between the East and the West. And now we have the opportunity to show it. The first group of books will deal with the Civil War on the verge of breaking out and the repercussions of living in a potential war zone. Jake and Hawkins will be directly involved with the outcome of the war itself, while the Jericho citizens will be fighting a resistance from within the new Allied States. Dan, what was it like adapting Jericho from television to comics? Were there any particular challenges?

DS: As the writers of the first issue, Robert Levine and I found it very freeing. The comic book form allows us to go big without restrictions. When you are working on a TV series, we are limited by budget and time concerns. When you want a tank to arrive on set, it costs serious money. With a great artist, we can fill a base with a dozen tanks free of charge. Cody, were you a fan of Jericho before you started editing the comics? What things do you keep in mind to make sure the comics have the same “feel” of the series?

Cody DeMatties: I had been a fan of the series, right up until the cancellation. Given that the cliffhanger we were left with I was more than excited to be involved with this project. There are plenty of factors to making sure that the comic retains the same overall feel of the original show, but Dan has been a massive help in guiding the voice of the comic. He’s the one that ensures when fans pick up a copy of Jericho #1, they’re going to be more than satisfied. How well do you think this comic has recreated the characters and world of the TV series? For fans, will this be like getting a “real” Season 3?

CDe: As Dan noted earlier, with the comics, fans are going to be getting a bigger story. The scope of the Jericho world isn’t tied to budget anymore . . . the sky is the limit for where this can go. I feel that people are going to find the same dynamic, character-driven stories they’ve come to expect from Jericho, but with the freedom of the comics medium allowing for the exploration of aspects not possible on screen. How would you describe this comic to readers who’ve never seen the show?

DS: Jericho is a story about a world turned upside down by a coordinated terrorist attack that wiped out 23 American cities. As America is slowly trying to rebuild itself, the country we once knew is now split into different factions and they are each vying for control. But at the heart of the story, Jericho is about the citizens of a small town, who are making a difference on a grand scale. They are fighting back for what is true and right and will risk their lives to save their home. How did you choose the artist, Alejandro Giralbo? In the preview pages I’ve seen, it looks like he’s captured the likenesses of the actors really well.

CDe: I connected with Alejandro through Nutopia Agency. We got samples from a variety of artists, but he really nailed the feel we were going for with an added sense of realism. He’s a very talented guy . . . I feel we’ll be seeing more from him in the future. Are there going to be any relationship developments in Jericho Season 3, or is this mostly an action tale?

DS: When the writers of the series got together to break the story, we made sure that the book would feel like the show. While the show had high-quality action set pieces, it also had rich characters with strong emotional beats. We didn’t want to lose that multi-layered texture of the Jericho story. I think we found a good mix of exciting adventure with the deeply personal. Are there any surprises in store for fans that you can reveal?

DS: We have so many juicy pieces of candy in there for the fans. Don’t want to reveal too much. But I will say that all of the Jericho characters, the fan-favorites, make their way into the book. Jericho has such a committed, passionate fanbase–why do you think they relate to the show so strongly?

DS: While the show started with an enormous premise, a post-apocalyptic devastation, it’s connected with audiences because of the individual characters who were forced to realize who they were under the most extreme circumstances. The “what if?” scenario can be very powerful and emotional when you try to see yourself in that position. That concept is where this whole ride began . . . to create a community of citizens that would face adversity on every level and continue to survive. This idea continues to inspire us. After this six-issue miniseries has ended, are more story arcs planned?

CDe: We are in the process of discussing what is up next for DDP & Jericho . . . a few exciting ideas being passed around. We should have details soon. We want to keep telling stories in the Jericho universe as long as the fans will allow! Thanks again for you time–I’m looking forward to reading the comic!

Dan and Cody: Thank you very much.

Jericho Season 3: Civil War premieres today–make sure to pick up issue #1 now and pre-order issues #2-4 right now!

What do you think of the latest comic book adaptations of television series? Which others would you like to see? Post now or forever hold your peace!

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Nick Percival Talks About His Steampunk Fairytale, Legends

November 23rd, 2009 Comments off

While fairytales are eternal, passed down for thousands of years, the popular notion is that these classic fables are just for kids. Well, not anymore. Artist and writer Nick Percival has created a dark, steampunk wonderland: Legends: The Enchanted, an upcoming graphic novel from Radical Publishing. However, you can get a sneak peek of this epic with issue #0, out January 27, with a cover price of just $1 ($0.80 if you pre-order from now). Read on to learn more about Percival’s vision and to get a glimpse of his haunting, twisted world! Hi Nick, thanks for talking with us.

Nick Percival: No problem–thanks for the opportunity. What can you tell us about Legends: The Enchanted’s premise?

NP: The book is set in a violent and decayed creature-infested world where strange technology, nature, and dark magic are in constant conflict. The story runs with the premise that many of the classic characters from folklore and fairytales have always existed. Known as the Enchanted, these people are now well into adulthood.

Feared and loathed by many, they spend their fractured existence as outlaws, vigilantes, bounty hunters and such, living their lives independently in an increasingly hostile world. The majority of these Enchanted have a mystic protective “charm” that allows them to sustain vast amounts of deadly physical damage yet still fully recover–they are virtually impossible to kill.

When the mutilated body of Pinocchio, (a huge supernatural “warrior man” made from bionics and wood) is discovered, they realize something or someone has found a way to break their charm and is now after them.

I really wanted the book to be a hard-as-nails, urban action-fantasy tale starting with a murder mystery and escalating into an ongoing battle for the very survival of the whole Enchanted.

Goldilocks and Bear

Goldilocks and Bear What inspired you to create this graphic novel?

NP: Well, I’ve always been a massive fan of traditional folklore, and I originally came up with the story late 2002, all the time since then creating prototype character paintings and fleshing out the world and storyline as I worked on other projects. I loved how these characters’ origins and classic tales are dripping with dark subtext, violence, horror, dubious moral themes and bizarre conclusions.

Visually, it’s a genre that I’ve wanted to explore and felt I could bring a fresh spin on these well-known characters, giving them a gritty edge and emphasizing the conflicts they have between each other. They don’t all get on, and the idea of an action tale, set in this weird world along with the themes of warped technology and magic, are what inspired me to finally get stuck in and fully commit to the project.

As Radical became involved later down the line, we were looking at various formats for the story and decided an original graphic novel would be best, but with a preview issue #0 first, so people can get a good idea of what it’s all about and see the style of the book, the characters, and their world. What differentiates Legends from other series that center on similar subject matter, like Fables?

NP: It’s a good question, and one I’m sure will constantly come up. To be honest with you, I’ve never actually read Fables. Obviously, I’m aware of the series, and from what I have seen in various comic book mags and websites, on a purely visual level at least, Legends is massively different. I’m fully painting the whole story with very detailed artwork–my background is in painted comic books and cover artwork (2000 AD, Judge Dredd, Slaine, Marvel’s Dead of Night, etc.), and I also worked as a computer animation director for video games and TV, so I wanted to create a unique high-end slick look to Legends with the artwork, very cinematic in lighting but also taking advantage of what is unique to the comic book medium with certain storytelling devices, and so on.


Hansel Why did you choose a steampunk look for this book?

NP: There are certain steampunk elements to the look but mainly an urban post-apocalyptic feel with nature now starting to reclaim some of the environments. So we get ruined cities, weird science labs, strange vehicles and places, with a mix of heavy-duty industrial and gothic influences. One of my favorite locations is the Bionic Woodlands where Red Hood lives with her daughter. It’s a weird mix of twisted bio-mechanical trees and bizarre organic vines and living foliage–a very harsh-looking place. What are some of your favorite characters in this book?

NP: Wow. Probably too many to mention. The cast ranges from my version of Rapunzel, who can control her long unbreakable hair to strangle her enemies and in some cases rip their damn heads off. Hansel and Gretel are Paranormal Exterminators, Jack the Giantkiller is a kind of hero for hire–only works at dispatching Ogres, etc. for the right price. He swallows Magic Beans that each give him different powers for a limited amount of time. He’s a bit of a rogue and rides a souped-up motorcycle that uses Giant’s blood for fuel, so he’s quite cool. Humpty Dumpty is a crime gang lord who runs a seedy nightclub. We have the wolf creature hunter, Red Hood, whose relationship with her young daughter is a major, major part of the story. Which aspects of Legends do you think will surprise readers the most?

NP: I don’t think it looks like any other comic book on the market, so I’m quite pleased about that and I think readers will be pleasantly surprised at the take on these classic fairytale characters we’re all familiar with. I felt there was a lot of room to take the characters and really go to the extremes of what they could be, using their well-known back stories as great source material and weave some of that into the big plot of Legends but twisting those tales, ripping them apart and then stitching them back together again with a rusty needle and an added dose of visual steroids.

Jack the Giant Killer

Jack the Giant Killer What are some of the major storylines you’ll pursue?

NP: We have the threat to the Enchanted, and the fact that they realize they can now be killed, which is obviously a very big deal for them and the result in that they have to work together for the first time as team, resolving any past conflicts and disputes they have. We’ll also see the larger picture and structure of their world and how it changes as a result of what is happening around them. Add to that a healthy mix of punk-rock Giants, twisted science, dark magic, big guns, cool motorcycles, super-powered magic beans, trolls, love, violence, tragedy, chainsaws, wild nature, booze, horror, telepathy, werewolves, strange nightclubs, beanstalks, cyber-witches, dumb monsters, explosions and bio-mechanical fairies. Hopefully, it’s like no fairytale you’ve ever seen. What will readers see in the #0 issue?

NP: It basically amounts to what would be the first chapter. We see the murder of Pinocchio and will be introduced to about two thirds of the cast. It also gives you a good look at the world they inhabit and the dangers they face. I’m hoping folks will at least give it a shot (hey, it’s only a buck!) and feel excited and intrigued enough to then pick up the graphic novel to get the full story. Is this a stand-alone graphic novel, or do you anticipate telling more Legends stories in the future?

NP: The graphic novel is a complete story, but it sets the scene for many future tales, which I’ve started to map out. Relationships change, and not every character makes it to the end of the book, while some evil elements still remain, so there are areas that would be ready for a sequel and more further down the line.


Pinocchio Where does Legends fit into your body of work?

NP: I started the book while I was still working on various comic book covers, collectible card artwork, and film concept and production art, but now that I’m in the later stages of the project, I’m working on it full time to get it finished. It’s definitely the best body of work I’ve done and the first thing I’ve solely created, written, and illustrated, which is great. What other projects are you excited about right now?

NP: After Legends, I’m developing a project with a very established Hollywood screenwriter and will see where that leads, as well as dabbling in another original project I’ve got cooking, and–hopefully, if all does well–more Legends material. I’ll probably continue with cover work and film stuff alongside that, but if I did return to non-creator-owned comics, I have a cool idea for a very dark, horror-themed Hulk story, so who knows . . . ? Thanks again!

NP: Cheers!

What do you think about incorporating steampunk, fairytales, and comics? Are you curious enough to check out Legends: The Enchanted #0? Post your comments and opinions below!

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William F. Nolan Talks Logan’s Run: Last Day

November 19th, 2009 Comments off

One of the most exciting new offerings this month is Logan’s Run: Last Day, a 24-issue limited series from the folks at Bluewater Studios.

Having discovered the Logan’s Run novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson back in high school, I was pretty psyched to hear about this adaptation. It looks like this adaptation will stay true to the novel, rather than the 1976 movie starring Michael York.

I had the chance to interview William F. Nolan about the new adaptation, his plans for other series with Bluewater, and the state of a new Logan’s Run movie: It is nice to (virtually) meet you, Mr. Nolan.

William F. Nolan: Thanks, glad to (virtually) be here! We were really excited to hear about Logan’s Run: Last Day, the new comic book adaptation of your novel. How did the comic come about?

Nolan: My good friend and author/filmmaker Jason V. Brock (Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man) and his wife Sunni saw an article about Bluewater in the local Vancouver, WA paper. Jason does some agenting on my behalf and contacted Darren G. Davis, the president of Bluewater.

We scheduled a meeting at their offices in Vancouver, and they were very excited about the Logan property. Jason (who is also an artist and the Art Director/Managing Editor of Dark Discoveries magazine) and I assisted in working on the designs and costumes for some of the characters, which they are using in the final comic. Also, Jason had come up with a great storyline for a new Logan book we are outlining that uses the original book and expands on the backstory, updating it significantly.

That’s where Paul J. Salamoff comes in: he was chosen to adapt the novels into comic format, but none of us really wanted a “straight” adaptation of the books–it’s been done by MGM, Marvel, Malibu Graphics, and so on. It was time for a fresh take on Logan. Paul was perfect for the job. Not to mention that the four of us–Darren, Paul, Jason, and myself–all work well together and have gotten to be friends. Logan’s Run isn’t a stranger to comics. Other publishers have done mini-series adaptations over the years. Is there something special in today’s world that prompted you to move forward with an adaptation?

Nolan: I was not happy with Marvel or Malibu’s versions. I very much disliked the art in the Malibu edition, though they were faithful to the books. As far as the Marvel version, it was just too “superhero”: Logan is a real character, not a superheroic one, and I was never that pleased with it. In addition, they were really adapting the MGM movie, which is flawed, not the book that I wrote with George Clayton Johnson.

Given the current trend of Hollywood getting interested in comic book works, I feel that this is the perfect time to get a really great version of Logan out there . . . and this is the one. To what degree are you involved with the Bluewater Productions adaptation of Logan’s Run?

Nolan: I have final creative say-so over the artwork and storyline, as well as writing for some of the other titles we have planned. Will Paul Salamoff be staying pretty close to the original story or have you given him some freedom to move about in the world you’ve created?

Nolan: Paul is working off the outline that we provided, but has added a couple of elements. He is actually being faithful to the first two books (Logan’s Run and Logan’s World) at the start of the series. All of us are excited about the directions that we could go after these first six or so issues. What has Daniel Gete brought to the table in terms of art for Last Day?

Nolan: His work is very good. Jason and I both like his rendering and layouts a lot. His vision is in concert with ours: strong and direct–perfect for Logan. For someone who might only be familiar with the 1976 film version of Logan’s Run, what differences can they expect to see in the comic?

Nolan: We wanted as many things as possible to be different from the film, for legal and artistic reasons. We went back to the source material as much as possible, and built on that. You’ll see very soon! Awhile back, I heard that the series was scheduled for 24 issues. Is that still the case?

Nolan: Yes, 24 issues is correct. We have a lot planned for the series. Are you planning on working with Bluewater Productions on any other series?

Nolan: Yes. I signed on to do have an adaptation done of Sam Space, my future-noir character, for a run of four to six issues, and Dark Universe, a run of six issues utilizing my horror stories as source material. I am slated to adapt at least two of these, and Jason Brock has been tapped to adapt three of my stories. There have been whispers of a remake of the Logan’s Run movie. Are there any plans to move forward on a film project?

Nolan: It’s more than a whisper–it’s been in “pre-production” for 13 years! Joel Silver is involved, as well as Bryan Singer, among others. They still plan on making it, but when . . . that is the question. We’re hoping that the direction that we plan on taking the comics will light a little fire under Hollywood, as well as give them a bit of direction for a possible way of doing justice to the spirit of the books. It is a great candidate for a remake, as the technology has improved dramatically since 1976 and they could really do a lot with it. One last question: At, we’re always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our customers . . .

Nolan: I think I know what you mean . . . would you like some signed copies of the comics? I’m sure Darren would be happy to supply some for you guys, and I love to sign for fans! How about 15 or so copies for you guys? Absolutely. I think our readers would like that very much. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us about Logan’s Run: Last Day, and thanks for signing some books for us!

Nolan: No problem: any time!


You heard what the man said, we’re getting 15 signed books, and we’re offering them up to 15 random people who pre-order any Logan’s Run: Last Day issue by 1/24/10. Winners will be announced in the Newsletter on 1/28/10!

In the meantime, check out the four-page first look and whet your appetite. ;0)

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Wednesday New Releases: Amazing Spider-Man, Blackest Night, Buffy

November 18th, 2009 Comments off
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Upcoming World of Warcraft Products

November 17th, 2009 Comments off

Because you demanded it! An exciting new series focusing on the Horde from the World of Warcraft MMORPG begins in January.

The orc Malgar is content to hunt alone with his wolf Remnes. When a band of raiding Kolkar Clan centaurs lay waste to a small orc farm, he has no choice but to return to the violent life he left behind.

Aided by a new ally known as Ironhoof, Malgar succeeds in defending the farm–but at great cost. The new World of Warcraft: Horde series explores the harsher side of Kalimdor and the challenges facing the Horde, by Doug Wagner (The Ride) and Pop Mhan (Batgirl, Spy Boy)!

We’re also stoked to see two Warcraft Steins in our list of upcoming offerings. The residents of Azeroth look forward to the late-September festival of BrewFest, where the produce of summer yields fermented fruits of the harvest: pretzels, cheese, and booze!

The Tankard O’ Terror Replica Stein recreates the massive stoneware tankard used by many Azerotheans. Crafted in an Old-World style by the artisans of Ceramarte, the tankard stands 9 3/4″ tall, weighs 4 pounds, and has a nearly 2-liter capacity. Perfect for late-night guild missions!

Then we’ve got the limited-edition Lich King Stein. Handcrafted in an Old-World style from fine-grain stoneware, the limited-edition piece features a panoramic image of the Lich King and his undead minions, illustrated by Alex Horley and rendered in bas-relief sculpting. Standing over 10″ tall, the stein weighs 3 pounds and is topped by a sculpted pewter lid.




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Stranger Comics’ Sebastian Jones Talks About The Untamed

November 16th, 2009 Comments off

Interested a comic that’s a cross between The Hobbit and a Clint Eastwood movie? Then you’ll want to check out The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer, the debut comic from Stranger Comics. We had the chance to interview the writer and founder of Stranger Comics, Sebastian Jones, and his enthusiasm about the book–part of an entire universe the gamer has spent years creating–is infectious. Read on: Hi Sebastian, thanks for talking with us!

Sebastian Jones: Hi, it is nice to be spoken to! Tell us the story of The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer.

SJ: Our tale takes place in the hellhole Town of Oasis. It’s a one-horse haven for killers and thieves hidden in the Desert of the Dying Tree, all within the vast and volatile world of Asunda.

Asunda is a brutal fantasy universe of epic proportions I have spent twenty-some years creating. Even though Asunda is inhabited with Elves, Dwarfs, and Sorcerers, I wanted to have my “Hobbit” be a simple, yet dark and gritty tale of atonement for past sins by any means necessary.

Here’s the pitch: The initial story line revolves around a lone Stranger, taking that “Clint Eastwood” drifter’s walk across the sweeping desert towards the Town of Oasis. Ten years ago he ran the town with malice and harshness. As his wife and child were on the verge of turning him [toward good], they were murdered, and so was he.

This Stranger is then offered a deal to get out of hell. He is granted seven days to reap seven souls and gain a chance at revenge. Conflict arises as a young girl reminds him of his murdered daughter. She acts as his conscience and becomes his only hope for salvation. What inspired this comic?

SJ: I mentioned Clint Eastwood, but I could easily have said Toshiro Mifune. I have always been inspired by these classic films, where our anti-heroes are uncompromising but often flawed men. So I really try and bring that mood and atmosphere to the storytelling, which art director Darrell May and artist Peter Bergting convey so well.

Peter’s stunning and vivid paintings draw you into each panel like a Sam Peckinpah or Sergio Leone frame. You can smell the blood and liquor that lingers in the air, and feel the sand sting your eyes. Peter Bergting is a master and I am honored to work with him. Plus he’s a damn good cook!

However, the true inspiration for the tale is my son, and wanting to be a better father. Always. I think most men can relate. Because I am a gamer, and a dreamer, it was easy for me to set the story within Asunda. Our tales will focus on the raw condition of man and woman, as opposed to the classic fantasy tales of questing for magic rings. (Although we do have magic rings!)

And finally, I always thought how cool would it be to see two dudes with swords in cloaks square off like gunfighters. Now that rocks! Who are the Kraven?

SJ: The Kraven are a rogue’s guild of vicious mercenaries that pass for law in the Town of Oasis. They’re comprised of wicked men, tainted Galemren (Wild Elves), and a mute Grachukk (Orc) named Kersheg. Again, if we were watching a Leone flick, the villains would be a mix of whitey gringos, banditos, and perhaps a turncoat Native Indian.

They are the Sopranos of the town, and when the Stranger was alive, he was the Tony Soprano. When you dive into the story, this savage bunch is led by Phylax and Lariel. The former is Stranger’s jealous older brother, whereas Lariel is his jealous mistress. Trouble. Where does Niobe fit into the story?

SJ: The ultimate question! She is the soul of our story. Her purity offers the Stranger a second chance at being a good man. Her innocence cleaves through the darkness, and the thorns that shroud the Stranger’s heart.

There is a lot to discover about Niobe that I don’t want to spoil, but she radiates a destiny that represents everything good in the world. Is your protagonist good, bad, or both? Why is he so set on revenge?

SJ: He and his family were murdered. I’m sure that would tick off most folk ;-)

To me, the Stranger is the raw epitome of man with all his flaws and redeeming qualities on maximum volume for all to see and judge. We will love him or hate him for his deeds, and sometime both. He is so driven and focused to avenge his family’s death, he is willing to do bad things. It is the journey he takes that will open his vision to salvation. We hope he makes the right choice.

I am sick of the prototypical good guy, and even the supposed gray-area anti-heroes of today, with their waxed eyebrows and perfect weaves. I was raised on Woody Strode and Robert Mitchum. William Holden and Ernest Borgnine in The Wild Bunch.

Imagine dudes like that with swords instead of six shooters. And being born and raised in England, if I hear one more affected England accent in a fantasy flick I am going to chop my own foot off and beat someone with it! If he escapes Hell, what then?

SJ: The sequel. Essessa, our beautiful and murderous Vorkas Vampire, might just come calling. Can’t say too much more about Essessa, except she is our smoking hot Darth Vader. What has been the most surprising part of founding a comic book publisher?

SJ: It is expensive! Perhaps, just a tad more than I realized. And, as we are a green company, the recycled paper we print on costs a lot more. Unbelievable!

The workload is brutal. I work seven days (for seven souls) a week, mornings through night. My family sacrifices more than anyone so they deserve the credit for our company, which is attempting to bloom in a very harsh climate.

However, it is ultimately rewarding to share our books with the people on the street. Sounds cliché, but that feeling rocks! And the feedback has been tremendous. What kind of books will Stranger Comics specialize in?

SJ: We have three brands under our banner. The aforementioned Asunda, (our fantasy universe); Arcane Imagination (children’s stories/folklore/faerie tales); and Black Eye Dog Studios (tales for film/and other worlds). What comics do you read? What are your influences?

SJ: And I still go back to Kingdom Come and Watchmen . . . mmmnnn . . . Jack Kirby is my biggest influence. “This Man This Monster,” probably inspired me more than any other comic book. The depth of emotion and sacrifice to this piece spoke volumes to me.

Other books, writers, and artists include Stan Lee, Sal Buscema, Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb, Afua Richardson, and our own Peter Bergting, Steph Stamb, and Hyoung Taek Nam. Plus, keep a look out for Darrell May, Christopher Garner, Sheldon Mitchell, and Tomo. These cats keep me inspired. How many issues with The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer be?

SJ: Seven issues. Seven days. Seven souls. Thanks again!

SJ: Thank you!

Make sure to check out our First Look of The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer #1. You can also enter to win one of three sets of issues #1 and #2, plus the variant of issue #1, each signed by Sebastian Jones and artist Peter Bergting right here.

So what do you think of the premise of The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer? Are you excited to see what comes next from Stranger Comics? Post your comments below!

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Captain Kirk Joins Madame Tussauds Hollywood: Save $8!

November 12th, 2009 Comments off

With the Star Trek movie due out on DVD November 17–not to mention all of the new Star Trek comics and graphic novels IDW Publishing has released–Trekkie (or Trekker) fever has been at an all-time high.

Now Madame Tussauds Hollywood has added William Shatner’s Captain James T. Kirk wax figure to their permanent collection, and you can get $8 off general admission tickets through the end of the year when you print the following coupon. Adult tickets are normally $25 and kids tickets are usually $18, so this is a savings of more than 30-40%!

Madame Tussauds Hollywood is located just about two miles from our Things From Another World store at Universal CityWalk. Make sure to pick up some Star Trek swag or William Shatner’s Tek War comics before you head over! If you don’t live near Hollywood but are still jonesing for a personal connection to original-gangster Captain Kirk, we have copies of William Shatner Presents Tek War #1, signed by Shatner himself, in stock!

What do you think about the Captain Kirk wax figure? Is it true to life? Is anyone a big fan of Tek War? Post your comments below!

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Robocop Returns + Robocop Book & Figure Set Exclusively at

November 12th, 2009 Comments off

Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement returns!

Dynamite Entertainment presents the dynamic debut of their Robocop series written by Rob Williams (Cla$$war) with art by Fabiano Neves (Marvel Zombies vs. the Army of Darkness)!

Dynamite goes back to basics as it unveils the dystopian, deeply satirical, and all-out violent world of Robocop.

This Robocop series picks up where the first movie left off and boasts high action and extreme violence with a touch of conspiracy theory.

Plus: the return of ED-209!

We couldn’t be more excited to see our favorite crime fighting future policeman back in print, so we put our noggins together at TFAW Headquarters to give him an appropriate send-up.

Robocop and ED-209 mini figure set
While supplies last, you can pick up the first issue of Dynamite’s new Robocop series and get a FREE mini Robocop figure complete with busted ED-209!

The Robocop #1 Book and Figure Set is the same price as the the comic by itself (just $2.80 when you pre-order), but most customers will see $0.50-$1.00 difference in shipping (since we can’t send the figure in a flat mailer).

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