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Movie Update: Thor Trailer, Superman Pic, Wonder Woman Cast!

February 17th, 2011

Wow! The past two days have seen a lot of comics-related movie developments–and most of it seems completely awesome!

First, Wonder Woman has been cast for the new David E. Kelley Wonder Woman television show: Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights! This seems promising to me: not only is she legitimately Amazonian in height, at 5′ 11″, but from what little I’ve seen from her on Friday Night Lights, she’s adept at playing strong yet vulnerable, which would make her version of Wonder Woman relatable.

Next, newly anointed Superman Henry Cavill appears on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly wearing the iconic “S” on his chest. It’s hard not to compare anyone to the phenomenal Christopher Reeve, but so far, so good.

Lastly (and perhaps most excitingly!) we’ve got a new trailer for Thor, and it looks EPIC! Check it out:

So what do you think? Are we entering a new era of awesome comic book movies and television, or are you underwhelmed? Post your comments below!

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